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Video Game Developers

Improved Cybersecurity Posture


Helping U.S. Public Sector and private organizations solve complex cybersecurity and modernization challenges including Zero Trust, cloud migration, advanced data protection strategies


Modernized Cybersecurity Consumption


Helping organizations get managed outcomes for cybersecurity without the ongoing challenge of finding and retaining trained and cleared personnel


Industry GTM Execution


Addressing SME, packaging, contracting, financing, as-a-Service, multi-year vs. ARR, and other GTM and RTM considerations with you and your ISV team

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Industry GTM Planning


Helping ISVs achieve parity or get to ‘table stakes’ for federal requirements such as FedRAMP, DoD Impact Levels, Section 508 VPAT, FIPS 140-3, Common Criteria, Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC)

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